I’m a Random Ramblin’ Man!

The weather’s nice, so let’s ramble on down the road in our 1957 Rambler!

  • I read that the NFL Miami Dolphins are turning Hard Rock Stadium into an outdoor drive-in theater, where cars can park on the playing field to watch movies and other events. Seems to me they’re only one small step away from turning a field of parked cars into one of my guilty pleasures: Demolition derby!
  • Soon-to-open amusement parks in Japan have issued guidelines asking visitors not to scream on rides or get too close to park mascots. (Personally, I’ve never screamed on rides: Between being too petrified, keeping lunch down, listening to my Number 2 turn to Number 1, and the occasional blackout I’ve been much too busy….but, I digress!)

The answer? “Praesidis Generalis Attorney et custodiet ipsos custodes erit.” (“Attorney General and the President will watch the watchers.”) Read more here.

Thanks for Reading!

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