There’s Something about Herman Cain?

Lately, I’ve been hearing something or other about how maybe Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain may or may not have done or said something which might remotely be interpreted as “sexual harassment” by at least two but who-knows-how-many-more as-yet-unidentified women, each of whom might have received a financial settlement over 10 years ago but we can’t know for sure since it most likely was covered by a Nondisclosure Agreement that the lawyer of one of the unknown accusers is having trouble finding and who may have already said the whole situation isn’t worth pursuing anyway.

Frankly, I’m at a loss to explain why I’m having trouble recalling any specific details of this situation: After all, Google lists almost 400 unique results on “Herman Cain harassment” during the last week alone, and it seems the site Politico published 90 stories on it over a 5-day period (wait… now it’s 94 stories over a 6-days…more stories than they published on Obama’s ties to known terrorist Bill Ayers or real estate swindler Anthony Rezko).

Perhaps I only pay attention when the media reports actual fact, instead of rumor, hearsay, innuendo, or speculation… or, perhaps I’m just too pre-occupied reading up on the alleged or actual activities of Democrat President Barack Obama, Democrat Governor Eloit Spitzer, Democrat Senator Anthony Weiner, Democrat President Bill “B. J.” Clinton, Democrat President John F. Kennedy, and the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Sorry about that: I’ll try to be a little more attentive to the mainstream media from now on.

Update: I’m paying a bit more attention, now that an accuser, Sharon Bialek, has gone public with details of an incident allegedly taking place during 1996 or 1997 – I don’t yet know if any of her allegations can be substantiated by fact, but at least I can read up on some facts about her past.

Thanks for reading!

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