NBA has Players’ Backs with “New Jerseys”

I recently read the NBA, in an effort to be more “Socially Aware”, released list of “acceptable social messages” which players can wear on the back of their game jerseys.

Here’s their approved list, so far:

NBA Jersey Statements

Caption: Soon to Appear on an NBA jersey near you?

It’s quite a list, but it looks just a bit incomplete. How about considering these honest but accurate candidates for the list?

Possible “Acceptable Statements” for NBA Game Jerseys

  • “Here Ego Again.”
  • “No ‘Team’ in ‘Self-Esteem’”
  • “I’m Privileged.”
    • FYI: There are only 450 NBA players. That’s “privilege”.
  • “Check Out MY Basket.”
  • “0.1-Percenter”
    • FYI: the 0.01% income level in 2015 was about $2.2 Million.
  • “I Made $490,000 Today”
  • “74.4% Black”
    • FYI: NBA Players Ethnicity: 74.4% black, 23.3 percent white players, 1.8 percent Latino of any race, and 0.2 percent Asian.
  • “I Got Bling!”
  • “Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters”
    • FYI: It’s from a pinback button I used to have pinned on my cubicle at work during my first job.

I’m not picking on the NBA, their Players, or any cause they choose to support or advertise. However, one must ask themselves if the NBA is doing this out of “social awareness” or “self-preservation”. After all, they, their sponsors, and their players are a business just like any other business.

Thanks for Reading! (and, please, New Jersey residents, pardon my pun ;-)

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