Trump Supporters are Amazon “Members”?!?

Trump 2020 Keep America Great Earlier today I visited to order a Trump flag to show my support for the President. During my casual browsing through the many (cheap, Made-in-China) products being offered I noticed people complaining that while they got the flag(s) they ordered their Trump merchandise was listed as a certain male “appendage” on the Amazon order summary.

WARNING: Despite my trying to make this post as web-appropriate as possible some readers may find the following inappropriate. You’ve been warned.

Here’s an example of a Trump Flag being listed as a “Male Appendage”:

Comments: Group 1 | Group 2

Note the merchandise is “Fulfilled by Amazon“, meaning that Amazon handles, bills, and ships the order from their inventory – the vendor of the product isn’t involved in the transaction at all: Could some Liberal at Amazon be making a political statement while entering in the order?

But wait…here’s another listing with the similar comments:

Comments: Group 1

The merchandise here is “Ships from and sold by JGK Holdings.“: Amazon doesn’t handle this order at all, they just take a bit of money for referring the sale. Could some Liberal at “JGK Holdings” (wherever this company is, there are a lot of companies having this name in the USA) be making a political statement while entering in the order?

There’s lots of vendors selling “Trump” flags: I wonder how many more similar comments I might find?

Obviously, such behavior is juvenile and immature, and if I were to do anything like that my employer would fire me (and, with justification).

My suggestion? Avoid any embarrassing possibility of getting a shipping order with inappropriate content by searching google for “Free Trump Flag” or “Free Trump Hat” or even “Free Trump Coin” and visiting one of those websites (oh, and note “free” means about “$10 Shipping and Handling, plus Tax”)

Thanks for Reading!

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