Red Sox Opening Day 2020: What I’ll Miss

Caption: The Last Wooden Seats in Baseball...Empty for 2020.

Here’s to everyone and everything I’ll miss at Fenway Park this “Season”:

  • The friendly, affable, parking lot attendant (who I hope is enjoying a beach somewhere with his family),
  • all the street scalpers swearing at me for undercutting their hustle,
  • what has to be the world’s smallest Popeyes located in Kenmore Square’s Hotel Buckminister,
  • Peter at the Scalp Free Zone (where you may have met me in the past selling extra tickets),
  • my Season Tickets colleagues (an eclectic group, to be sure!),
  • the great usher in our section (you know who you are, and thanks),
  • Rob the beer vendor (“Rob, you rule!”),
  • whoever that laid-back, polite man was at the corner of Jersey Street and Brookline Ave. selling “Boston Baseball Magazine” (cover to cover Red Sox,¬†complete with a free gift and scoring pencil for one low price!),
  • hot dogs assembled at your seat (note that’s NOT my seat),
  • singing “Sweet Caroline“, complete with the appropriate hand gestures,
  • enjoying the game with family and friends (which I’ll miss the most),
  • …and, of course, the Red Sox beating the NY Yankees with a walk off home run!

Thanks for Reading! (and, “Play ball!”)

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