The Best Christmas EVAH!

Even though my Christmas 2011 didn’t have the selfless love of my Dad and Granddad building an Erector Set bridge across my bed on Christmas morning when I was contagious with the flu, the surprise of discovering Santa left me a Stingray bike under the tree, the nervous excitement of catching under the mistletoe the cute, curly-haired, pug-nosed Irish Catholic girl I was pining for, or Mom’s unbelievably good cooking, it was still the best one ever. In fact, each of my Christmases were the best ever, as every one included the true gifts of the holidays: Family, friends, love, generosity, and God.

And while I (thankfully) didn’t receive any of the excellent gift suggestions I made before the holidays, I did receive a couple of gifts I feel compelled to share with my loyal reader(s):

Kino Video's "Hell's Highway" DVD

I'm Ridin' with Mr. Death!

It’s claimed the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, although after watching this 2-disc DVD by Kino International you’ll be convinced it’s also paved with the deformed bodies of (mostly teenage) drivers who thought they were (a) Speed Racer, (2) not too inebriated, and/or (b) completely unaware of Sir Issac Newton’s First Law of Motion. The “True Story” documentary covers one man’s crusade to make everyone a responsible driver, with the bonus disc containing three original, uncut Driver’s Ed films and other extras. My recommendation? Watch the Driver’s Ed films before the documentary: While the documentary claims we’ve evolved from using “shock value” to change the behavior of youth to using more emotionally considerate techniques, that doesn’t change the grim reality of many automobile accidents.

J&D's Bacon Pop, Box Front image

Bacon flavored popcorn - Fantastic!

Growing up I remember my dad saving the breakfasts’ bacon fat and using it to cook popcorn in a hot frying pan on the stove top: It was wikked good! Well, two guys named Justin & Dave have recaptured that great taste experience with “J&D’s bacon pop®” – if you can find it (at a reasonable price… apparently, mine was pretty expensive), pick some up and relive or discover a taste combination I personally rate right up there alongside peanut butter & chocolate, Almond Joys®, and lobsters with drawn butter.

Oh, and their motto is “Everything should taste like bacon.” I really think they’re on to something wikked good here!

Update, 02/04/12: Wash down that great-tasting bacon flavored popcorn with Jack-in-the-Box’s new “Bacon Shake”! It’s for real, and for a limited time only at participating locations. Horray!

Thanks for reading!

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