Your Video Lesson Plan for Today: Government & Civics.

With Summer on the wane and parents gearing up for what will hopefully be the start of another school year it seems only fitting that students gradually ease back into learning. To that end I present the “Video Lesson Plan for Today“, a series of three short videos designed to increase one’s knowledge of Civics and Government in these United States.


Video Lesson Plan for Today – Civics & Government

Lesson 1: How to Execute a Soft Coup in the United States (7 minutes):

In this lesson you’ll review an actual example on how to secretly organize, execute, and cover up the overthrow of a Constitutional Republic when it doesn’t work to your advantage. Your guest lecturer today is U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan, Representing Ohio’s 4th District.

Lesson 2: How to practice the First Amendment’s “Freedom of Speech” (approx. 1 minute):

In this lesson you’ll learn how the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment only works to your advantage if you and your supporters practice it equally while reminding others that it also means the freedom to stop others from speaking. Your guest lecturers today are the U.S. House of Representatives Democrat Members of the House Judiciary Committee, with special guest United States Attorney General William Barr.

Lesson 3: How to practice the First Amendment’s “Right of the People to Peaceably Assemble” (10 minutes):

In this lesson you’ll learn the difference between protesting peacefully and protesting violently. The video presents various strategies, methods, slogans, actions, and tools designed to document and clarify the definition by some Democrats and the Mainstream Media of a “peaceful protest” allowed under Constitutional law as opposed to violent, destructive, and potentially life-threatening protests which are unlawful. Examples shown are from major US Cities such as Portland, OR, Atlanta GA, and Seattle WA.

That’s our video lesson for today. We hope you’ve learned important lessons on the proper use of our system of government and our rights under the US Constitution.

Thanks for Reading!

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