Goin’ with the (Web 2.0) Flow…

Gosh, this “Web 2.0” stuff sure is intimidating! Despite vaguely knowing precisely what is it, there’s an entire industry built around the concept, involving hundreds upon hundreds of “Web 2.0 Tools” to choose from. Frankly, I’m amazed I got my website up and running without crashing the entire interweb!

So, imagine my relief to find this handy flowchart designed to make one small (?) portion of my Web 2.0 experience a little easier (click image to enlarge):

Flowchart: Where to update my social status?

For those who are curious, it looks like most of my material should be posted on “LinkedIn(which I already do, so I guess the chart’s pretty good), and on “Don’t Post it!(coincidentally, my first choice for the name of this website..LOL).

Kudos to Daryl Lang of BreakingCopy.com, and…

Thanks for reading!

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