Kamala Harris: Every Lie in Moderation?

In America’s justice system there’s the Latin phrase and concept:

Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus.” –> “False in one thing, false in everything.

That’s why perjuring yourself under oath in court carries a stiff penalty, and why criminals asked to testify against other alleged criminals are routinely put under stringent cross-examination.

So, let’s see how that Latin phrase applies to just one short exchange between Vice President Pence and California Senator Kamala Harris during the recent 2020 Vice Presidential Debate.

(Note the Moderator was USA Today’s Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page, who supports the formerly-GOP Lincoln Project, has spoken out publicly against President Trump, and is currently writing a book about Democrat Senator Nancy Pelosi)

Kamala Harris:“I do not support the Green New Deal.”

VP Mike Pence: “It’s literally on your campaign website, and you are a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal with AOC [NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez].”

Kamala Harris [to VP Pence]: “Will you let me speak?”

Moderator Susan Page: “Please let the Senator finish, Mr. Vice President”

Kamala Harris: I have never said, nor has Joe Biden ever said, that we support the Green New Deal or want to ban fracking, that is a lie”

VP Mike Pence: “With all due respect Senator, your running mate said in a debate he wants to get rid of fracking, and your name is on the Green New Deal. During a campaign speech when asked by a supporter, you said you would get rid of fracking”

Moderator Susan Page: “Mr. Vice President, please let the Senator finish. I didn’t write and agree to the rules of the debate, you did?”

This is only one example of Kamala Harris had “convenient memory” during the Vice Presidential Debate: Apparently she may have lied (oops… “exhibited ‘convenient memory’”) 24 times during the debate.

False in one thing, false in everything.“? You decide. And, decide carefully, as it could impact the next four years, maybe the next eight years, and possibly your lifetime.

Thanks for Reading! (and, a big tip of my Red Sox cap to “Deplorable Patriot” for the transcript!)

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