More Voters than Eligible Citizens, 2020 Edition.

A new investigation by Tom Fitton of the (excellent) watchdog group Judicial Watch shows there are more registered voters than eligible voters in 353 Counties of 29 States throughout the United States, representing a total of 1.8 million additional unofficial voters, or “ghost” voters.

And this year’s “Winner” for the most “ghost” voters? Loving County, Texas, with a registration rate of 187% among a total population of about 169 people. Talk about ”Civic Duty”!

The “good” news is when Judicial Watch investigated this last year there were 378 counties with over 100% voter registration. So I guess that’s an improvement.

(Perhaps a better improvement might be to cross-reference Voter Registration rolls with Tax Lists, Death Certificates, Social Security rolls, Welfare Lists, and Unemployment Beneficiaries.)

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