Congratulations, This is Your New (p)Resident

For the supposedly 81.2 million voters who cast their vote for America’s new (p)Resident Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., here’s what you should expect from your new (p)Resident:

Joe Biden will be a (P)resident who’ll keep his word:

“For example, I want to go on record, I am up for re-election this year I want to remind everybody what I did at home which will cost me politically. When I argued if we should freeze federal spending, I meant social security as well. I meant medicare and medicaid. I meant veterans benefits. I meant every single solitary thing in the government. And I not only tried it once, I tried it twice, I tried it a third time, and I’ve tried it a fourth time.”
- Senator Joe Biden (D-PA), January 31, 1995, Senate Speech

Joe Biden will not be a War (P)resident:

2019: “Biden Trump to withdraw 1,000 troops from Northern Syria as fighting heats up”
By Marisa Schultz, New York Post, October 13, 2019
“President Trump has ordered the withdrawal of remaining US forces in northern Syria…”

2021: US military convoy enters northeast Syria: report”
i24NEWS, January 22, 2021, 12:40 AM
“According to the report, the convoy included some 40 trucks and armored vehicles and was backed from the air by helicopters [carrying 200 US Troops].”

(P)resident Joe Biden won’t end America’s production of fossil fuels:

“AP FACT CHECK: Trump falsifies Biden stance on fracking
By CALVIN WOODWARD, October 13, 2020
“Biden has repeatedly pledged not to abolish fracking.”

“Mr. Biden himself has been courteous enough to say that he would like to get rid of all fossil fuels. Getting rid of hydraulic fracturing on federal lands is merely a gateway drug.”
- Mike McKenna, former Deputy Assistant to President Trump, as published by, October 21, 2020

(P)resident Joe Biden’s speeches will be masterful and eloquent:

(P)resident Joe Biden will be tough on criminals…

Will he be as tough as he was when he supported and voted for the 1994 Clinton Crime Bill, which disproportionately sent people of color to prison with long sentenced for minor crimes?

Biden: “…young people…born out of wedlock, without parents, without supervision, without any structure, without any conscience developing, because…if we don’t…they will become the predators…we have predators on our streets. They are beyond the pale…we have no choice but to take them out of society”

(P)resident Joe Biden’s foreign policy will take a hard line on China:

CNN, before the Election:
“Fact-checking Trump’s claims about the Bidens in China
By Tara Subramaniam, Fri October 4, 2019
“There is no evidence that former Vice President Joe Biden received money from China.”

The New York Post, 2 week later:
“Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm”
By Emma-Jo Morris and Gabrielle Fonrouge, October 15, 2020
“The deal also listed ’10 Jim’ and ’10 [percent of the equity deal] held by H for the big guy?’”

CNN, after the Election:
“Federal criminal investigation into Hunter Biden focuses on his business dealings in China
By Evan Perez and Pamela Brown, CNN, Thu December 10, 2020
“Now that the election is over, the investigation is entering a new phase.”

(P)resident Joe Biden will only tax “the Rich”:

Reality: Taxes would increase $2,000 for a family of four earning $73,000, and $1,300 for a single parent with one child making $41,000…or, as the Democrats say “rich people”.

Congratulations voters, you’ve elected the man you wanted, he’s your President”. Now, let’s not hear too many complaints about “Buyer’s Remorse” until his First 100 Days are up.

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