Tom Brady’s “in da HOUSE”!

After “winning”* the AFC Championship Game when the Baltimore Ravens missed a seemingly easy field goal with 11 seconds left in regulation, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady admitted:

“I sucked pretty bad today, but our defense saved us.”

Well, he better not suck during the Super Bowl – he’s gonna need the $78,000 Winner’s Bonus to pay for the chlorine he’ll need for the swimming pool and moat attached to his fargin’ $20 Million dollar house in California for him, his wife, and their 2-yr old son: That’s 22,000 square feet of living space for three people! In China, this would probably be one of the dormitories for “The Glorious People’s Most Excellent Precision Manufacturing of Light-Duty Electronic Assemblages Facility #124, Road 33, Lane 12, Alley 48, Unit 2, Shanghai LLC”, and house about 1,000 workers hot-racked in two 12-hour shifts.

I don’t begrudge the Brady Family’s new domicile, his (extremely) attractive wife, or their success: I say “Good for them!”. I’m sure they both worked very hard for what they have and deserve it. Still, his house is rather shabby compared to this mansion being built, mostly underground, near London for person(s) unknown.

*Let’s not kid ourselves, Pats fans (and I’m one of them – I remember going to watch them at Schaefer Stadium): The Ravens lost that game more than the Patriots won. Baltimore was picking Julian Edelman apart during their last drive, and missed a winning touchdown twice before missing a game-tying field goal. Had it gone to overtime, I guessing Tom would be swimming in his new pool by now.

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