“Stop, Drop, and Roll”!

It seems not only is are those three words the best thing to do if you suddenly find yourself on fire, but also the best way to illegally win if your Presidential Candidate’s election chances are also going up in flames.

Jim and Joe Hoft of the website Gateway Pundit explain in this simple but effective video just how the Democrats apparently used a Drop and Roll” strategy to compromise the 2020 Presidential Election:

Their video is the result of (at least) a seven-part series titled “WE CAUGHT THEM!”: Click this link to read all seven parts.

Note when the video says “These Ratios are IMPOSSIBLE!” here’s what they mean:
Let’s say during the vote counting process the voting totals were updated 500 times with new votes and for each one of those 500 times 100 new votes came in with 51 votes going to Joe Biden and 49 votes going to President Trump. Once all those votes were counted Joe Biden would win by 500 votes.

Now, having each and every one of those 500 groups of votes show the same split of votes – 51% of the votes for Biden and 49% of the votes for President Trump – would be the same as flipping a coin 500 times and having it land on heads all 500 times: The chance of that happening is the number one divided by the number (2 multiplied by 2 five hundred times), or, 1/(2**500). Or, stated another way:

Once in every “327 followed by one-hundred-and-forty eight zeros” times. In other words, “impossible”.

If this turns out to be what the Democrats (perhaps even in cooperation with foreign companies) actually did, then maybe the Democrats and their accomplices might consider following these helpful instructions in case of their imminent and immediate destruction:

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