It’s a Coup! But, by who?

Contributor “Allahpundit” of the website Hot Air, citing a brace of Liberal Writers from other Liberal news sources in an excellent display of Orwellian “Groupthink“, writes today that President Trump’s legal team is executing a “coup d’etat“. Apparently, they must be doing this by taking every legal means at their disposal to challenge what appears to clearly be a Presidential Election gone sideways thanks to dark alley shenanigans by a few Democrat-controlled states.

Mr. Pundit called today’s press conference by Trump’s legal team “The most disgraceful episode in American politics of my lifetime, bar none.” and asked the non-rhetorical question:

“Who wants to try to end American democracy knowing that the effort is all but guaranteed to fail and then have to face the consequences for even attempting it?”

An excellent question Allahpundit! Let me answer that… …with a little tongue-in-cheek review of episodes in America’s history, most of which happened before either of us were born:

First of all, America isn’t a “Democracy“, but rather a “Constitutional Republic” – an important distinction best left to a future discussion.

Secondly, consider history:

Election of 1860 = Democrats believe they were unfairly represented by a North bent on destroying the South’s ability to treat humans as chattel. Democrats start the Civil War.

“Compromise of 1877″ = Democrat candidate Samuel J. Tilden of New York wins the popular vote over Republican Rutherford B. Hayes, but the Electoral Votes in three Southern states is disputed, leaving the US Congress to decide who won in January 1877. The resulting “Compromise” removed the Reconstruction, beginning almost 75 years of Democrats holding back people of color.

“The 1898 Massacre” = In perhaps the only successful coup d’etat in American history, a group of Southern Democrat Whyte Supreme Assists* vigilantes storm Republican-controlled Wilmington, North Carolina after the election in the predominantly black city results in a biracial, conservative government. Over 100 black government employees were killed, along with up to 250 black townspeople.

Election of 1960 = Democrats, fearing they will lose to Republican Richard Nixon, send JFK to Chicago to talk to Mayor Daley, who promises him the Union Vote. Kennedy wins a contentious election with accusations of fraud by both sides, but Nixon realizes to challenge it would destroy the Voter’s faith in the election process.

Election of 2000 = Democrat Al Gore, having lost, is told challenging the vote in Florida will win him the election. Gore challenges the results, inserting doubt into the Voter’s faith in the election process.

Election of 2016 = Democrat Hillary Clinton and her “Vanbulance” fail to stump for votes late in her campain, and Trump wins. The Democrats spend the next four years not only refusing to do their jobs but actually working to delegitimize Trump’s Presidency by any means necessary while their complicit press constantly provide negative spin.

Election of 2020 = Democrat Joe Biden, during the first Presidential Debate, promises¬† he won’t declare himself the “winner” until all the results are official, a promise easy to keep as the liberal media, then the Democrats, then foreign leaders, and finally CEOs act as his proxy. They all decry Trump for not “conceding” despite the fact the election is far from official and there’s no laws requiring him to concede.

Allahpundit, I believe I see a trend here….and, the trend isn’t “Trump”.

Note: My misspelling of certain words is intentional, to prevent censoring of my post or website by search engines.

Thanks for Reading!

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