Let’s All Sing the Sitcom Song!

It’s no secret that former (P)resident Obama and his wife Michelle have signed a lucrative deal with Netflix – who supports the former (P)resident – to have them broadcast works by their “Higher Ground Productions” production company. And, while I’m sure they have a number of projects slated for production here’s one that revives a groundbreaking, left-wing, 1970′s sitcom and gives it a fresh, new look that mirrors current affairs:

While I’m not a script writer I did take a crack at writing the show’s Theme Song, so let’s all sing along to see how well it works!

(Sung to the theme song from the 1970′s sitcom classic “Maude”)

“The Democrat Party thinks they’re overly smarty,
They wouldn’t care that they all are crooks,
Ocasio-Cortez with the brain of a Pez,
She is a sister who’s quite a kook,
Donald Trump trumped the Democrat chumps,
Ain’t ya glad he showed up? (Oh yeah!)
And when the country was voting one night,
Basement Biden thought “it’s all sewn up“!

(Because of Fraud),
Election Fraud,
(Because of Fraud),
Election Fraud,
(Because of Fraud),
Election Fraud,
(And then there’s…..),

That uncompromisin’, enterprisin’, anything but legalizin’…
Election Faud! “

And, I’ve got a whole bunch of possible shows for the former (P)resident and First Lady…stay tuned for a future posting that’s sure to entertain!

Thanks for Reading!

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