Happy Thanks Giving for One-Day Socialism!

Ah, Thanksgiving!

The day when family and friends gather (preferably without travelling long distances, in groups of 10 or less, individuals spaced 6 feet apart, and wearing masks except while eating) to enjoy copious amounts of food and drink supplied by and indulged by each according to their abilities, desires, or needs while giving thanks for all their blessings, and followed by the menfolk relaxing on the leather sofa, belts undone and right hand partially installed under the belt line “Al Bundy style” while claiming to watch the football game despite being fast asleep from the effects of tryptophan.

Wait a minute…”supplied by and indulged by each, according to their abilities, desires, or needs“? Isn’t that “Socialism”? Or, “Marxism“?

I’d say “Yes”…but, it’s only for one day, mutually agreed to – rather than imposed – by family and friends, and (hopefully) in a spirit of cooperation and true “Thanks giving”.

And, thankfully, only for one day. Had the Socialist / Collectivist model been used every day we may have already suffered the fate of the first English settlement in America, at Jamestown Virginia, back in 1607, which all but perished by 1611. Or, perhaps even the English Colony at Plymouth Massachusetts, which adopted a similar Socialist model in 1620, and lost half their member by 1621.

Fortunately, both settlements succeeded, but only after switching from Socialism to Capitalism, thanks to Jamestown’s Lieutenant Governor Sir Thomas Dale (without the help of the unfriendly Powhatan Indians), and Plymouth’s Governor William Bradford (with the help of the friendly Pokanoket Indians).

So, as you gather with family and friends, or relax in peaceful solitude with happy memories, be thankful for all your blessings – even the ones you may not know you have – enjoy the bounty of self-determined, temporary “Socialism”, and then look forward to the next major holiday, Christmas (or, as the Socialists might say “Christmahanakwanzika).

Where we get to enjoy the longer-lasting, more satisfying, and ever-increasing bounty of individually-chosen, self-directed, heartfelt “Capitalism”.

And, if you’ve got time after dinner and before the football game, here’s a 5-minute video from former movie critic turned radio host Michael Medved on the First Thanksgiving:

Thanks for Reading! (and, Happy Thanksgiving!)

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