Is Your Election Lost? Better Check the Map!

My Dad – God bless him – has this uncanny ability to be “Unlost“: He always seemed to know where he needed to go…and, without people telling him “where to go“.

I may have inherited his ability but, just in case, and in true “old school” style, I always carry a large, folding paper map in my car (for you Gen-X, Gen-Y, and Gen-Z people out there a map is where your eyes do the scrolling instead of your finger).  And, when I get lost I simply refer to the map and “Voila!” I’m unlost.

So, if you’re one of the 74,196,153 voters who believe your Election is “lost” then refer to this convenient map to make your Election “Unlost”:

(Click image to enlarge)

2020 Contested Presidential Election

Now, it’s no secret I’d like to see the best, most accomplished President in my lifetime win a second term. But, I’m also gracious enough to abide by the results of an election that’s open, honest, fair, and transparent – you know, adjectives Liberals are quick to use when accusing others of wrongdoing. And right now the issue isn’t whether President Trump or Senator Biden win or lose; the issue is much bigger: Whether America’s Election Process is permanently lost…or, “unlost”.

(…and, a tip of the ol’ Red Sox cap to Kevin McCullough of KMC Radio for providing the background data on December 4th, which I’ve assembled into one handy graphic.)

Thanks for Reading!

Good Friday Morning!
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