Bugs & Daffy’s Seasonal Discourse.

What Season is it?

If you think that’s humorous – or, even if you don’t – the clip is a modified portion of the excellent 1950′s Merrie Melodies Cartoon by Warner Brothers titled “Rabbit Fire”, starring Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, with Elmer Fudd as the befuddled, hapless hunter who can’t decide who to shoot.

And, if you’ve got about 8 more minutes to spare, check out the full cartoon “Rabbit Fire”: Just ignore the cartoon’s so-called social “triggers” and enjoy a good laugh!

The cartoon is one of three “hunting” cartoons produced by Director Chuck Jones at Warner Brothers: The other two are “Rabbit Seasoning” (famous for “pronoun trouble”) and “Duck! Rabbit, Duck!” (where it’s even “Fiddler Crab” Season!)

Thanks for Reading! (and, laughing!)

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