Obama’s 86′ing his hooptie?!?

I say, let’s forget the claims that Warren Buffett’s secretary owns two houses, a pool, a PGA-certified putting green, and may make up to $500,000 a year – perhaps her husband is far more successful than she. I’m sure she works extremely hard and very diligently for an unbelievably successful man. After all, some top-level executives would forget things like the number of actual hours in a day, their wedding anniversary, or how to exhale without at least one amazingly competent admin available 48 hours per day (I’ve actually witnessed this more than once). Besides, based on her boss’s 2009 total compensation of $519,490 for running Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. her boss is quite generous: It’s not Warren’s fault he launched a successful company where he’s a big shareholder. In fact, she’s positively loaded compared to the late Steve Jobs, who only made $1 per year in income.

Yep, among these three titans of industry she’s either just barely a member of “the 1%”, based income level , or a full member based on the shifting logic of Obamanomics.

No sirree, forget about Warren Buffett & Debra Bosanek… the big news is this unbelievable listing on eBay:

2005 Chrysler 300 Series 300C
President BARACK OBAMA’S car **NOW WITH TITLE SCAN** 2005 Chrysler 300C OBAMA

Seems Obama needed to sell his V8 gas-guzzler to get a new SUV, new limousine, and a couple of buses that are more energy and cost efficient (just like his political buddy Deval Patrick… aside from the limo and buses). It’s in showroom shape, with low miles (only 20,800!), clear Title, a clean CarFax Report, and probably Chrysler’s MyGIG® Multimedia System, but appears to lack spinning rims, fender vents, a plethora of chrome, opaque window tint, screws-loosening trunk subwoofers, or any sort of a custom paint job.

Starting bid? A cool $1,000,000… that’s ONE MILLION dollars! Hold on…for an essentially stock Chrysler 300C that probably won’t have spare parts available once Italy’s Fiat buys Chrysler out?!? I’ll gonna need to see some certified, independent 3rd party DNA testing of the seats or carpet before I bid; otherwise, these other cars are much nicer rides for undoubtedly a lot less money!

Good luck to the bidders, who’ll have to be in the “1%” just to bid. More importantly, good luck to the seller: With the 5-12% commission she’ll make on the selling price as the broker she might have to start worrying about Obama coming after her for being too “rich”.

BTW: Definition of “Hooptie“, for the 74% of US Citizens who might not know.

Thanks for reading!

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