$122… for a PHONE BOOK?!?

I consider myself fairly adept at locating information, and the internet is one of the the sources I use regularly. Still, there are some times when it’s just plain easier, more convenient, or even necessary to use a book.

Today, a friend of mine asked how to get a printed copy of the AT&T Yellow/White pages covering Sarasota FL. “Easy!”, I replied, “just call AT&T’s Directory Resource Center at 1-866-329-7118 and order one.”  A quick call, followed by a transfer to the Yellow Pages, followed by the usual 10-minute wait and a plethora of questions, revealed that a copy of the 2011 phone book for Sarasota FL costs US$122 DOLLARS (but, that does include shipping & handling… however, they didn’t offer another one free just for paying separate shipping & handling).

Wait…$122 dollars for a book that local Sarasotans could find piles of FOR FREE in the lobby of their nearest hotel lobby or Denny’s entrance? Is this a “special edition” or “limited copy”, hand-printed in calligraphy on parchment by cloistered monks, replete with ornate drawings and bound in leather, and express shipped by carrier pigeons?? Unbelievable!

This got me thinking: $122 for a (roughly) 700-page book…the Reconciliation Bill for ObamaCare was 2,309 pages…there are 535 members of the US Congress…factor in the usual Federal Government markup…”bit of gold paint, make good“… it’s no wonder (a) the USA is running a huge deficit, and (2) Health Care Bill had to be passed before it was read!

Thanks for reading!

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