WHO’s “Herd” about Immunity?

A corollary of Murphy’s Law states “The only thing that’s constant is change.” Here’s an example provided by Dr. Eli David, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at DeepCube:

See if you can spot the subtle but important change.

Let's Redefine!

Apparently, the World Health Organization has redefined the phrase “Herd Immunity

From: Having the general population develop natural antibodies to a contagious virus by becoming infected – with, potentially, a large death toll from an infection which would leave only those with the most robust or adaptable immune systems alive.

To: Having the general population receive one or more vaccinations to prevent infection in the first place - with, potentially, a large death toll from a vaccine which may be toxic, have yet unknown side effects, could cause other medical or mental issues, and/or be ineffective against a quickly-mutating virus, and may leave only those with the most robust or adaptable immune systems alive.

Practically speaking, herd immunity can be achieved by a combination of natural selection (the weak die off), individual immune response (the strong survive), and vaccination (an immune response is induced using an inactive form of the actual virus or some chemical cocktail). Looks like the W.H.O. has their preferred solution. Thanks for Reading!

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