Get Your Vaccine, Maxine.

A close relative of mine is getting their COVID-19 Vaccination today (I believe they said it was the Moderna concoction, so they’ll be another shot in about 28 days if Joe Biden – who has already received his second dose – allows it).

To ease the sting a bit, try singing the song “Vaccine“, sung to the tune of “Maxine“, by Donald Fagen:

Health experts say we’re reckless
They say we’re having fun
Tell us to stop because we’re so dumb
We need to hold out ’til vaccination
Isolate now, they scream!

While the world’s in lockdown
We’ll meet outside the mall
Talk about life and how we lost it all
Try to make sense of our politicians’ call
Obey us now, they scream!

Year 2020 was like another world
Full of fear, they’ll say
Lost our Constitution
When fraud was unfurled
And now, it’s the Socialist way

They’ll fly off to their mansions
And fill their place with friends
Politicians, their privilege never ends
One day we’ll wake up, revolt but ’till then
Got to get our vaccine!

Note: After writing these parody lyrics I stumbled upon this version of a “vaccination” parody while trying to find a video of Donald Fagen playing the original version of “Maxine”. I guess great minds think alike :-)

Thanks for Reading! (and, singing!)

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