Oscar’s Black-and-White Moment?

During last night’s Academy Awards ceremony (where Hollywood’s “1-percenters” gather to laud, applaud, thank, and celebrate each others’ accomplishments won by the sweat and labor of their countless unknown, hardworking, low-paid minions… one of whom was briefly acknowledged by Tom Hanks), host Billy Crystal sang an entertaining musical medley involving the nine films nominated for Best Picture.

Am I the only one who stopped thinking about Jennifer Lopez’ possible wardrobe malfunction long enough to notice that the very last film mentioned in the rather clever song was “The Help“, whose main characters are predominantly Black-American? “Why, it’s unconscionable!”, I say (no, not J. Lo’s wardrobe – it provided a teensy-weensy bit of  much-needed excitement to the evening).

As I rise to accept the Joseph R. McCarthy award for outstanding recognition of the subtle infiltration of prejudices which, left unchecked, would surely destroy the social fabric of these United States, I wish to thank all of the Liberal Democrat actors, media reporters, congress members, Presidents, and everyone else whose selfless, outspoken, determined, and vigilant public crusade to constantly educate the citizenry about the evils of color discrimination has unknowingly prepared me for this moment.

Thanks for reading!

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