Does this Job include Healthcare?

I have no idea how this job posting landed in my mailbox: I can’t speak or read Spanish!

Check out a couple of the job’s “Requirements”:

  • Requires individuals to act in a combative role for various physical training exercises and must be willing to perform rigorous physical activities such as being handcuffed, frisked, tackled, struck by (rubber) baton, and shot at by simulated rounds from a pistol. (Safety measures and protective gear are in place for these scenarios).

  • Individual will work in confined spaces, on dry docked boats, in vehicles and in classrooms.

Forget “15 minutes of fame“: This sounds more like “15 minutes of pain”! If the job provides medical benefits (there’s no mention), the eventual employee might want to consider 15 minutes of treatment prior to their first day of work.

Thanks for reading!

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