Biden*s “Vietnam”, in Only 16 Days

As of February 5th, 2021 Biden* can claim another COVID-19 “Accomplishment”:

56,461 COVID-19 deaths during the first 16 days of his (p)Residency.*

More than all the battle deaths America suffered during the Vietnam War, and approaching the total number of “In Theater” deaths (battle and non-battle deaths in combat areas) during that war.

Vietnam War (1964-1975)

Total U.S. Servicemembers (Worldwide): 8,744,000
Deployed to Southeast Asia: 3,403,000
Battle Deaths: 47,434
Other Deaths (In Theater): 10,786.
Other Deaths in Service (Non-Theater): 32,000
Non-mortal Woundings: 153,303
Living Veterans: 6,262,000

: “America’s Wars“, from The Veterans Administration

And, where is the Mainstream Media with dire reports of human suffering and deaths yet to come, accusations by politicians and liberal talking heads that the President is not acting fast enough, working hard enough, or caring deep enough during this crisis, and the hue and cry from Democrats, Liberals, and their complicit media calling for the President’s impeachment for some reason or another due to the virus?

They appear as silent as the dead.

FYI: What else is Biden* trying to “cure”?

“Biden’s COVID-19 relief plan aims to cut child poverty in half
“In battling COVID-19, Biden eyes stricter OSHA enforcement of workplaces”


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