I’m a Random Ramblin’ Man!

This week I start a new position in another division at the large corporation I’ve been working at for awhile, so I thought I’d better get some rambling in before the new work piles up:

  • First, I want to thank everyone who I worked with and for in my previous position and to everyone in the two divisions who worked behind the scenes to make my job transfer possible. You all know who you are and I’m both thankful and grateful.

  • How come thousands of illegal aliens can assemble at the US-Mexico border in what could possibly be a COVID-19 superspreader event unleased across the entire United States in anticipation of Biden*s immigration reform but the Red Sox are telling me they may need to maintain social distancing in and around Fenway Park (to avoid,, I presume, the possibility of a COVID-19 superspreader event)?

  • While I’m on the subject of music, has anyone else noticed the similarities between the main title song from the 1942 movie “Kings Row“, written by the excellent composer Eric Wolfgang Korngold, and the main title song from the 1972 science fiction classic “Star Wars“, written by composer John Williams (who also, BTW, wrote the theme music to the sci-fi show “Lost in Space)?

  • Frankly, I find it odd that politicians – most of which haven’t been able to improve the conditions of their major cities despite running them for decades – demand electric companies fix a vast, complicated, and interdependent power grid in America’s second-largest state in only a matter of days.

  • Speaking of power outages, how is it that the Democrats can send thousands of troops to protect our Nation’s Capitol the day after an alleged “riot” but somehow can’t send thousands of troops to Texas to protect the lives of those affected by a natural disaster seven days after it happened?

Thanks for Reading!

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