Thumbs Up to a Democrat’s Thumbs Down

I’m by no means a Democrat, but I must applaud Arizona Democrat U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema for voting against Biden*s $2,000,000,000,000 COVID-19 Relief Package because it would also legally raise the Federal Minimum Wage to $15 per hour….and, doing so in dramatic fashion by approaching the dias and giving the “thumbs down” sign popular with Ancient Roman Emperors.

It reminded me of the last time a Senator voted in such dramatic fashion: When Arizona Republican Senator John McCain left his sick bed following brain cancer surgery funded by the taxpayers and travelled half way across the country to veto his party’s proposed “Skinny Repeal” of ObamaCare in “thumbs down” fashion after making a dramatic entrance into the Senate:

And, only after watching a rerun of the 1980′s family TV show “Highway to Heaven“, I realized perhaps Senator McCain might have based his grand, showboating act to “save healthcare” on fictional Senator Fritz McCorkindale’s performance in the episode “Johnathan Smith Goes to Washington”.

In that 1986 episode Angel Jonathan Smith “…persuades an influential United States senator to restore severe Congressional budget cuts dealing with health-care…” while the Senator’s daughter is in the hospital delivering her baby. The Senator suffers a heart attack in the chamber before casting the deciding vote, and the angel’s “Boss” intervenes to keep the Senator alive just long enough to return to the Senate and – after a dramatic, grandiose entrance and in loud voice – cast the deciding vote to fund health care in the country.

Why do I applaud Democrat Senator Sinema? Because Liberal Democrats constantly talk about “Democracy”, “every voice heard”, “every vote counts”, “fairness” and “equity”. If Liberal Democrats truly believe in what they preach they wouldn’t use a public health care emergency designed as a temporary measure to help American (and, apparently illegal aliens) through a temporary health care crisis to pass a Minimum Wage measure which would be permanent: They’d raise the Federal Minimum Wage to $15 per hour by drafting a separate bill, describing it to the American voters, ask for their opinion, listen to every voice, and act with fairness and equity to make every vote count.

It’s how “Democracy” should actually work. And they know that.

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