Hypocritical Asian Cook-King?

The late-night murders of 8 people of Asian descent at three Atlanta Georgia area Asian Massage Parlors on Tuesday March 16th, 2021 by a 21-year old, self-described “Incel” was both unfortunate and abhorrent.

And, despite Law Enforcement stating there’s no current evidence the incident  was motivated by racism or hatred, Tim Cook, the Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Inc. – one of the world’s largest and most profitable technology companies – had this to say on Twitter:

Tim Cook @tim_cook · Mar 18 2021
“The horrific violence against the Asian community, as evidenced by Tuesday’s murders in Georgia, calls us all to speak up and take action. We grieve for those lost and stand firmly with our Asian family. We’re supporting groups working against racism & xenophobia.”

While I applaud Tim Cook’s statement – I’m strongly against the spread of racism or xenophobia – I take exception to his drawing an instant, and currently baseless, connection between the tragic death of Asians and those persistent, perhaps unstoppable, social ills.

In fact, if I had a Twitter account my response to Tim Cook might have been this:

The MUSEman [not on Twitter] · Mar 20 2021
“The horrific treatment of certain groups in China, as evidenced by China’s forced imprisonment, indoctrination, and reeducation of Turkic Muslim Uighurs, and their use as slave labor to manufacture goods destined for the United States, calls us all to speak up and take action. We grieve for those who continue to suffer under the yoke of Socialist repression. I support groups working against racism, discrimination, and forced human labor, and human abuse.”

Now, Tim Cook might claim I’m drawing an instant, and currently baseless, connection between China’s racial & cultural cleansing of a targeted ethnic group through forced labor. But, it may not be so baseless after all (my emphasis):

“…we identify several Chinese factories making components for Apple or their suppliers using Uyghur labour. Political indoctrination is a key part of their job assignments.”
“Uyghurs for sale”, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, 01 Mar 2020

So, the next time you’re looking at your iPhone – one of over 2.2 billion made and sold by Apple since 2007, and whose glass screen is probably made by Lens Technology, who was found to use Uyghur labor – you might want to read up on why a man who supports groups fighting to end racism and xenophobia isn’t supporting a bill to stop the use of imprisoned human labor to make US products.

Could it be because showing your customers you support social causes while having your products manufactured at the lowest price possible are both good for business? Sounds like “hypocritical Asian Cook-king” to me.

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