Another Biden* Accomplishment? Call the Press!

Today at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time the holder of America’s highest political office, Leader of the Free World, and Commander-in-Chief of perhaps the World’s most power nuclear arsenal – Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. – will achieve his latest “accomplishment”:

64 Days between his inauguration as America’s Leader and his first solo press conference.

It’s the longest delay of any United States President over the last 100 years, as this handy chart from clearly points out:

Presidential Press Conferences

For the complete chart from, including data sources and other interesting information, click here.

Congratulations, Joe!

And, while I won’t be able to tune into Biden*s first Solo Press Conference, I can just imagine some of the insightful, hard-hitting questions the Media might ask him:

“Is the bed in the Lincoln Bedroom as comfortable as President Clinton’s major campaign donors claimed it is?”

“We haven’t heard from Corn Pop in quite some time. Would your powerful, intimidating, yet conciliatory manner have anything to do with that?”

“On a few occasions you’ve referred to Kamala Harris as ‘President Harris’ rather than ‘Vice President Harris’. Is this another example of your push for equity, equal rights for all genders, and respect for all races?”

“We’ve heard that unlike your predecessor – who got two scoops of ice cream while everyone else only received one – you always eat ice cream one scoop at a time. Could you elaborate on this? And if I could follow-up, what is your favorite flavor?”

“You’ve stated that you want to eliminate oil as it contributes to ‘Climate Change’, and would use your executive powers to eliminate it if necessary. Would such action also include eliminating Oil of Olay, Olive Oly, and “Oil Can” Boyd, as their effects on climate are not yet known?”

So, good luck, Joe, and try not to trip over your words.

Thanks for Reading!

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