A Dependance on Remembering Editorial Cartoons

“Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.” - George Santayana1

For those who believe a society characterized by Federal¬† Government dependency is a recent phenomena (ie: within your lifetime), consider this editorial cartoon from the Rome News-Tribune newspaper publication of July 1, 1966, during Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson’s implementation of his “Great Society“:

Declaration of (Federal Government) Dependence

Let’s go back a bit further: How about this cartoon from a Washington, D.C. Star newspaper published in early January, 1934, during Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s implementation of his “New Deal“:

Dr. FDR Pushin' Pills to Uncle Sam

…and, how will this Socialist utopia be funded (at least until a future “United Federation” abolishes money)? A cartoon from the Chicago Tribune newspaper of April 21st, 1934 already provides an answer that’s eerily prescient of today:

FDR's Agenda for the Nation

From the cartoon’s text:

Plan of Action for the U.S.
Spend! Spend! Spend under the guise of Recovery
Bust the Government
Blame the Capitalists for the failure
Junk the Constitution, and
Declare a Dictatorship

Sound familiar? George Santayana’s no doubt looking at our last four years and smugly smiling.

Update: Here’s a nice cartoon that summarizes the point of this post.

(1) From: “Reason in Common Sense”, the first volume of George Santayana’s series “The Life of Reason”.

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