Obama Loses Delegates to a Convict!

According to BuzzFeed.com (Note: Article’s comments may be NSFW) West Virginia resident Keith Judd, currently serving a sentence at the Beaumont, Texas Federal Correctional Institution for extortion, won about 41% of the votes cast during the state’s Democratic Primary.

Accordingly, Mr. Judd is entitled to at least one delegate at the Democratic National Convention. However, it’s expected that the DNC will revoke or reassign his delegate(s) – I suspect because he’d still be in prison during his election campaign.

Frankly, based on history I don’t see how Mr. Judd’s incarceration should be an impediment:

In my opinion, Mr. Judd clearly went about this the wrong way: He should have attained political office first, then gone to prison – just like many of our Congressional members!

Hold on… Seems Keith Judd ran the Idaho State Democratic Primary back in 2008. Maybe he did do it the right way.

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