A Little Obama BS

It looks like President Obama and his election strategists have finally decided on a campaign slogan worthy of his (presumed) reelection: “Forward“.

I’m going to ignore for a second that:

  1. linguistically, Obama’s continuing the fine Democrat tradition of selecting idealistic, innocuous campaign slogans (I wonder if  “Together We Can” + “Hope
    & Change
    ” + “Forward” was intentionally designed as an incomplete-yet-subliminal sentence, or simply coincidental?)
  2. socio-politically, they chose a word favored by Marxist, Communist, Fascist, and Socialist leaders when inspiring their followers;
  3. metaphysically, the “Arrow of Time” only points “forward“;
  4. sociopathically, Obama’s previous use of the open-ended phrase “Change is” seemed much more appropriate.
Why? Because the word “Forward” completely overlooks Obama’s many impressive accomplishments during the past 4 years – accomplishments he’d certainly want to brag about if he were truly serious about keeping his job. Personally, I know that if my job were on the line (which would be every single day, unless you’re a government worker or Union member) I’d be sure to engage in continuous, almost shameless self-promotion.

So, let’s consider some of President Obama’s copious accomplishments:

  • Disrespected SCOTUS (link)
  • Obamacare imposed (link)
  • Wealth redistributed (link)
  • Nationalized industries (link)
  • Welfare expanded (link)
  • Apologized worldwide (link)
  • Rayshull divider (link)
  • Dedicated golfer (link)

Well, blow me down and call me “windswept”“DOWNWARD”? – This one word brilliantly summarizes his accomplishments while simultaneously painting a picture of exactly what to expect should he be (gasp!) re-elected.

Obama 2012 BS

It’s the perfect slogan for Obama’s 2012 campaign… and, here’s a Bumper Sticker to commemorate it, courtesy of my lousy graphics art skills! (click it for a much larger version)

Attributions: The Obama logo was designed by Sender, LLC; the Democrat Party logo was designed by SS+K; any & all intellectual property rights associated with them are dutifully acknowledged.

Update: A hearty “Thanks!” to Doug Ross @ Journal for including a link to this post in his “Cornucopia” section of May 24, 2012 – be sure to check out his excellent site! :-)

Thanks for reading!

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