Sugar and Spice, a Taxation Device

A couple of weeks ago I wondered how free we’d be if we were free from many foodstuffs.

Well, looks like Mayor Bloomberg of New York, NY is taking “sugar free” to a whole new level by proposing a ban on the sale of any fruit drink, sugared soda, energy drink, or sweetened coffee larger than 16 ounces by businesses.

Obviously, Mayor Bloomberg’s got his ear keen to the desires of the American public – 59 percent of which don’t want a sugar tax (in case you’re reading this Mr. Mayor, 71% don’t want a tax on salty foods, and 55% don’t want a tax on junk foods. Oh, and thanks for reading my blog).

My prediction? With New York losing about $45 Billion in gross income between 2000 and 2009 due to residents leaving the state (perhaps because New York has three of the top 10 most expensive areas to live – Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens) there’s little chance of a ban being passed. Instead, it will be “sold” to the public by saying rather than enacting an outright ban they’ll simply impose a hefty tax that can be used to erase the state’s mounting deficit educate the public on the dangers of sugar, help reduce & treat obesity, and subsidize healthier beverages: Just like what the states did with their huge tobacco lawsuit settlement.

Thanks for reading!

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