As Seen at the Dollar Store!

In this dismally stagnant economy, you just can’t beat the local dollar store for handy items like dish washing liquid, a quart of soy milk, tasty cinnamon churros, or those rubberized grippy work gloves perfect for coaxing out reluctant instrument panels - especially if the store’s right next to one of those big box supermarkets or megastores, so you’re not wasting gasoline to get those extra savings.

So, imaging my surprise when I saw this cinematic tour-de-force for only one dollar:

Why, it's "The One" - Looking smug!

Frankly, not only do I think it’s still overpriced at $1, but it diminishes the dollar store’s fine reputation for good products at an honest value ;-)

BTW: The local Dollar Store is an easy way to see how inflation affects food prices: Just keep an eye on how the packages become smaller and smaller and smaller for that same dollar: That package of fig bars may still be a dollar, but it’s gone from 16 oz to 13 oz to 10 oz over the last three years – or, a 60% price increase to purchase 16 oz of fig bars! No wonder food (and energy) isn’t included in the “official” inflation rate.

BTW 2: If you’re upset about those fig bars, you’ll be steamed like a basket of clams when you find out your wealth has plummeted 40% from 2007 to 2010.

Thanks for reading!

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