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A Dependance on Remembering Editorial Cartoons

When it comes to the creation of a Federal Socialist State, George Santayana was right – as these past editorial cartoons try to illustrate. Continue reading

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Naming the State(s) of our Economy

The United States Total Debt now exceeds it’s Gross Domestic Product – reminds me of a cute map that’s suddenly become a little disturbing. Continue reading

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You’re “Landed Aristocracy”. Honest!

If wealth were land, America’s wealthiest 10% would own about 60% of America’s land. But, in reality perhaps every one of us is a land baron. Continue reading

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November’s Unemployment “Sadistics”

Unlike the press, the BLS didn’t use the word “unexpectedly” to describe November’s 0.4% drop in unemployment…but, every silver lining has a cloud. Continue reading

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Obama’s Foolproof Campaign Theme Song!

While reflecting on my Leslie Gore reference (and my Marshmallow Fluff container during lunch), I discovered a perfect theme song for Obama’s 2012 Campaign which I guarantee should “never fail”. Continue reading

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