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KCBD 11, Lubbock TX, Gets COVID-19 Right!

No big long intro here, just a big tip of my Red Sox cap to TV Station KCBD 11 of Lubbock TX, for providing a chart which summarizes the SARS-CoVID-19 Virus threat in a concise, simple, and relatable way: How … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Hits MLB Fans!

COVID-19 spreads to fans in an MLB park despite no fans? Find out how! Continue reading

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Is Google Playing a COVID-19 Trick? Search Me.

Is Google exaggerating the number of new COVID-19 cases? Or, do people not know how to search? Find out. Continue reading

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Wall of Confusion…

It’s said that “Good walls make for good neighbors.” But, only if both neighbors agree… Continue reading

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Fact: Liberty is Free of the Virus.

Fact: It’s said “Freedom isn’t Free”…but, Liberty sure is free of the COVID-19 virus. How? Read on… Continue reading

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