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So Wrong, Logically Speaking.

Let’s see: I win if I get a “7″ as a symbol, but not a 7 as a number? No wonder it’s called the “Gaming Commission” – I’m getting GAMED! Continue reading

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CT’s ObamaCare CYA of the Day

CT’s list of ObamaCare Health Exchange Plans was updated 30 days BEFORE it was first published. Can they bend time, or is it a case of CYA? Continue reading

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Infographic: Is Someone Listening?

Thanks, Cara, for an excellent infographic on the History of Domestic Surveillance. Pity there wasn’t room for a few more facts. Continue reading

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Having Trouble Trying to email me?

Hmmm… my email might need a little “mail enhancement”: If you agree, then WordPress may be the answer for the time being! Continue reading

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Pssst: I’ve Changed my Menus.

FYI: Unlike Friendly’s Restaurants my menu has changed but my prices have remained the same. Continue reading

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