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A Sunday Reflection on the Rioting.

Speaking of “riots”, the Apostle Paul said stay away from “disorderly men”. Guess what happened next… Continue reading

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Fact: Liberty is Free of the Virus.

Fact: It’s said “Freedom isn’t Free”…but, Liberty sure is free of the COVID-19 virus. How? Read on… Continue reading

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Three Good Arguments

The joke’s on Jesus… or, more correctly, the joke’s *about* Jesus. So, click only if you have a sense of humor. Continue reading

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Biblical Numerology: A New Discovery?

Did you know the Bible mentions the number “40″ over 140 times? And, Democrat Governor Pat Quinn may have discovered yet another mention! Continue reading

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My Question for Upset Atheists

If Atheists don’t believe in religion, why do religious symbols upset them so? (This question isn’t rhetorical, so Atheists feel free to respond) Continue reading

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