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Free Speech? That’ll Cost You, Says that Website.

Seems the death of Free Speech will be a death of a thousand cuts…from your bank account. Click to read why, absolutely free. Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: The Foreign Leader Speaks!

And now Moe Hailstone, Dictator of Moronika, has something to say about the situation in the Ukraine: Pay kind attention please! Continue reading

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Revealed: US Embassy Evacuation Checklist

Looks like Russia is going to invade the Ukraine, so the US Embassy in Kyiv better complete their “Evacuation Checklist” quickly! Continue reading

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Discovered: The Densest Element in the Universe

It appears the densest element known to science may have been discovered in 2017, but I’m just discovering it now. Read more about it. Continue reading

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2020′s “Book of the Year”?

Could this be “Book of the Year” for 2020? Maybe, once you get it it’s tough to put down. Click to see more! Continue reading

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