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COVID-19′s a Crime, Other Viruses are Just Fine!

Biden’s forcing you to fight COVID-19, so no need to worry about all those other contagious viruses! Sigh. Continue reading

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What’s Your State of Election Fraudulency?

Seth Keshel’s not only good at crunching baseball numbers…but also Election results. And, they’re scary. Continue reading

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COVID Infections Spike While Deaths Plummet

Chicken Little exclaimed “The sky is falling!”. The Boy cried “Wolf!”. And, the CDC is yelling “COVID-19 spike!” Continue reading

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Broke Back Biden

Feeling just a little more broke this Summer? You may want to thank “Broke Back Biden”. Continue reading

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Survey Says: The Red Sox Get Political!

I bought some Red Sox tickets, and they wanted to know what Political Party I supported. Are they kidding? Continue reading

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