Drafting BoardAs a young kid, it seemed my grandfather, an Electrical Engineer, was always tinkering around his house: When he wasn't working on his expansive HO-model train layout or caning chairs he was creating a variety of toys & electrical contrivances. I thought it was cool to be able to take imagination and turn it into reality...especially if it meant something to play with. My folks fueled my imagination with Lincoln Logs, Matchbox cars, an Erector Set, and a variety of other stuff: Toys that let me give substance to my imagination.

When I was in school, the drafting workstation I used was a mechanical drafting table, functionally adorned with horizontal rule, triangles, french curves, whales & splines, mechanical pencils, and the requisite eraser & erasing template. The "Computer" in "Computer Aided Drafting" was the human brain, armed with a knowlege of trigonometry, geometry, mensuration, and the Manual of Mechanical Drafting. In Junior High School (or, "Middle School", for the politically correct), my drafting teacher required us to scribe the motto "Be the labor great or small, do it right or not at all." in precise block lettering along the top of each new drawing we created: A motto I've tried to apply to every task I've assumed.

During my career I've had a variety of jobs: Automobile Detailer, Mailman (oops: I meant "Letter Carrier" - apparently, the words "man" and "mail" imply some sort of gender bias...)
In-Store Product Demonstrator, Information Researcher, Engineer, and Patents Liaison. Each job came with it's share of good & bad bosses, co-workers and tasks, along with management inefficiency, office politics, near-constant underappreciation, and the occasional lack of training. Still, I'd like to think the good always outweighed the bad, if not in duration then in amount.

To see some examples of my work, click on one of My Fancy Titles in the upper left of the page. I'm always interested in doing something new, and look forward to my next career challenge: If there's one you'd like to propose or discuss, just
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