The Land of the Lost Pharaohs: Download Page

Versions Available as of 08/07/11 (screenshots)
Single Player (SP)
15.7 MB
Death Match, Single Player (DMSP)
14 MB
Mutiplayer (MP)
0 MB

Multiplayer "Capture the Flag" (CTF)
0 MB

Notes and Modifications:
  • These levels were designed and tested using the 2007 version of Sauerbraten (aka: "Assassin"): Some effects, such as particles, may not work properly on newer versions. Gameplay, however, appears unaffected.
  • 08-07-11: The DMSP level was modified to have wider hallways in the main building, allowing more monsters to enter and pursue, and improved landscaping around the building to prevent monsters from clustering in one spot. Result is faster gameplay.


I've always thought it would be fun to write a first-person shooter game, and even tried to write one on two occasions. Unfortunately, I either attempted too much (ie: writing the actual programming) or the game became obsolete before I finished creating the level. Fortunately, I discovered the open-source "Cube" game environment, currently in its' second iteration as "Cube 2 - Sauerbraten": It has a simple yet robust authoring environment, along with a devoted following of users and programmers.

Here are some details about the Single Player (SP) level:
  • It's first game level I've ever created (and probably the last, unless someone wants to pay me to create games ;-)
  • The level was constructed using Sauerbraten version 2007-12-22 (aka: "Assassin")
  • Constructing the level took roughly 200 hours over 3 months
  • There are approximately 345 monsters throughout the level
  • Played carefully, it should take a little over an hour to complete. (If an hour is too long, try playing the much shorter and more intensive Deathmatch Single Player (DMSP) level.)

Methods of Play

In the Single Player (SP) level, kill all the monsters in the shortest amount of time using the least amount of the limited ammunition provided. If you are killed by the monsters you'll come back to life but lose some ammunition and health: Die often enough and the only weapon available when you respawn will be your pistol and a small amount of ammunition.

The Deathmatch (DMSP) level has the same goal, but there is an unlimited amount of ammunition and health, only thirty (30) monsters to kill, and if the monsters kill you the game is over. A very quick, very intense game designed to last about 5 minutes.

Installing a Level

Go to Sauerbraten's download page and download and install the latest version according to their instructions. After installation, follow the directions below.
  1. Determine where the application folder "Sauerbraten" was installed on the computer.
  2. Open the folder "Sauerbraten"
  3. Launch or Run the program "Sauerbraten"
  4. In Sauerbraten's Main Launcher window (image), under "Personal Files:" check the box if you want to keep your personal files separate. Checking this box will create a new folder for your files which will be preserved even if the Sauerbraten application folder is erased
  5. If you have checked the "Personal Files:" option in Step 4, determine where this new folder was created. (for example, on Apple computers a folder called "sauerbraten" will be created in the folder "Application Support" of the "Library" folder. The "Library" folder can exist under your user name or the Administrator's name)
Installing the files:

Files can be installed in either: (a) the Sauerbraten application folder or (b) the separate folder created by selecting the "Personal Files:" option.
  1. Decide whether the files will be installed in (a) the Sauerbraten application folder or (b) the separate folder created by selecting the "Personal Files:" option.
  2. If (b) was chosen: If necessary, create a new folder called "base". Open this new folder and create a another new folder called "packages".
  3. Move or copy the following files into the folder "base":
    • <name>.cfg
    • <name>.ogz
    • <name>.jpg
    • where: <name> is the name of the file you downloaded.
  4. Move or copy the following folder into the folder named "packages":
    • tlotlp_music
Playing the level:
  1. Launch the application Sauerbraten
  2. On the main screen, click "Maps" and then click "tlotlp" or "tlotlp_dmsp" (image). If it is not displayed, verify that the files were installed properly.
  3. When the game loads, type either:
    • /sp tlotlp and press <return>, or
    • /dmsp tlotlp_dmsp and press <return>
  4. Play the game.

Playing Tips

  • This level is designed as an environment (ie: non-linear), not a maze (ie: linear): There are many ways to play it, some better than others. The best way, as always, is to kill all the monsters in the least amount of time without getting yourself killed.
  • Monsters are everywhere - take your time!
  • Dark areas are almost certainly hiding a monster.
  • Sometimes, the most direct way into an area is not the best way.
  • Try to select the best weapon for the type and proximity of the enemy (my favorites are the shotgun at close range and the rifle for picking off targets at long range).
  • The game includes secret areas, hallways, and traps: Pay close attention to wall decorations, as they'll suggest where they are. Some secret areas contain monsters you'll need to kill in order to complete the level. Traps can be instantly fatal, just like life.
  • Getting monsters to line up or cluster together make them more likely to shoot at each other than at you.
  • In some cases, you can approach a monster from behind: If they can't see you, they won't chase you.
  • During gameplay monsters may move back into areas you've already visited - revisit those areas if you're having trouble finding those last few monsters.


Have you played this level? Successfully completed it? Do you have any comments, kudos, suggestions, or even criticism? I'd love to hear from you, and it's oh-so-easy:


  • Thanks to the Cube 2 / Sauerbraten team for constructing a nice game and level design environment.
  • Thanks to Kevin MacLeod, at, for the approximately 20 minutes 32 seconds of  background music used for this level, consisting of these tracks:
  1. Clenched Teeth.mp3
  2. Exotic Battle.mp3
  3. Failing Defense.mp3
  4. Long Time Coming.mp3
  5. Movement Proposition.mp3
  6. Nerves.mp3
  7.  We Got Trouble.mp3

Legal Notice

This level, while released to the public, is NOT in the Public Domain and is neither an abandoned nor an orphaned work: The Author retains all creative rights to this work product exclusive of any rights inherent in any third-party product(s) used to construct this work or contained within it (such as, but not limited to, textures, models, graphics, sounds, music, etc.)

You may distribute this level provided that:
  1. you include all the associated files: tlotlp.ogz, tlotlp.cfg, tlotlp.jpg, tlotlp_readme.txt, and the folder "tlotlp_music" containing the music files in ogg format.
  2. the files are not modified in any way,
  3. it is not used as all or part of a commercial (ie: purchased / shareware / donationware) product.
You may modify this level for you own use (ie: a derivative work), provided that:
  1. you include language crediting the original work (for example: "Based on "The Land of the Lost Pharaohs", by MUSEman, June 2011")
  2. you include language crediting the original music (see: for citation conditions and examples)
  3. it is not used as all or part of a commercial (ie: purchased / shareware / donationware) product.
Installing the level on your computer indicates acceptance of these terms.