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Come in, We're Open!If you're a fan of interesting stuff, and enjoy Tag Sales, Flea Markets, or Thrift Stores, then welcome to my tag sale!

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A book would look nice here.In the old days (like, before the Year 2000), a "tablet and stylus" was an actual pad of paper and a pencil, and one read a book by turning actual pages bound or glued between two durable covers. If you're a person who still appreciates the printed word in addition to - or, rather than - a bunch of arranged electrons then here's a list to consider.

NOTE: Images are of the actual products for sale, and were created using a flatbed scanner.

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Comic - "Cyber Force"™ #4 (of 4) July 1993.
Last installment of the four part series "The Tin Men of War". Created by Marc Silvestri, published by Malibu Comics for Image Comics. Mint condition; Holo-foil on cover is silver but appears black when scanned.

Asking $6.00 --

Comic - "The Mighty Magnor"™ No. 1. Jan. 19xx
From Serigio Aragones and Mark Evanier, the creators of Groo, it's the first comic book ever to offer a "Pop-Out" cover: A fact they even make fun of on the cover. 100% mint condition and in it's sealed plastic bag.

Asking $15.00 --

Comic - "Raver™" #1 (of 3) April 1993.
Near Mint - Mint
Created by Star Trek's™ Walter Koenig, it's the very first issue and the first of a three part series "Raver". Published by Malibu Comics. Near Mint conditon due to slight wrinkling on the spine above the staple.

Asking $4.00 --

Comic - "The Transformers® in 3D" #2 December 1987.
Mint, w/ replacement glasses.
Written by Andrea LaFrance, Blackthorne 3D Series #29 by Blackthorne Publishing Inc. Comic is Mint Condition but does not have the original 3D glasses: I've included another set.

Asking $4.00 --

Comic - "WildStar"™ #1 (of 4) March 1993.
Near Mint - Mint
First installment of the four part series "Sky Zero". Created by Gordon and Ordway, published by Malibu Comics for Image Comics. Near Mint conditon due to a very small crease in the extreme top right corner of the cover.

Asking $6.00 --