It's My Unsolicited Tag Sale!

Come in, We're Open!If you're a fan of interesting stuff, and enjoy Tag Sales, Flea Markets, or Thrift Stores, then welcome to my tag sale!

After reading my Very Important Details, check out my Categories of modest offerings. For any item, click "More Details", or "Contact me!" to see more info, ask me a question, or make an offer to buy it.

Any "Asking" price you see is just rough guess: In fact, I may have even included some links to help you shop around before making me an offer. And remember, this list is subject to change at anytime, and shipping & handling aren't included.

Very Important Details

Please read this!I may not be using eBay or Bonanza (why pass their costs onto you?), or Craigslist (because I want most of the country to find me), but there are still some important details you need to be aware of as you look around - in fact, they're so important I've included a Summary of them on every page of my tag sale stuff:

    For any Item:
  • Click 'More Details' to find out information, send me an email, or make an offer to buy. Click on just about any image to see an enlarged version.
    Sales Region:
  • I only ship to the 48 continental United States. This may change if I ever figure out international shipping charges, currency conversion, and export restrictions. My apologies to Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, and all foreign countries such as New Jersey.
    Fitness for Purpose:
  • You must determine if an item will meet your needs and requirements. If you have any questions about a product please contact me before you offer to buy it and I'll try to answer them as best I can.
  • Personal check, or a Money Order from the United States Postal Service or a major bank. No starter checks, third-party checks, C.O.D. or Wire transfers, please. Payment must clear before I ship the product, so be prepared to wait up to 14 days for my bank to notify me. Of course, I'll email you when I ship your order or if I have any problem with your payment.
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    Sales Tax:
  • I'm not some fancy business, so let's assume the sale price includes your state's sales tax, if any. [Sales Tax Table].
    Shipping & Handling:
  • I use USPS or FedEx to ship packages, whichever costs less based on total weight and destination. All shipments are sent with Signature Confirmation to make sure you get what you've paid for. If you have a preferred shipper, shipping method, or want options such as insurance, let me know before sending any payment. Once you receive an item, you must report any damage to me within 3 days.
    [Shipping calculators are shown elsewhere on this page].
    Warranty & Returns:
  • Unless otherwise stated, all items are sold "As Is", with no warranty or guarantee provided. If all or part of an item is described as working and the item does not work as described when you receive it (ie: "Dead on Arrival"), contact me for return information: I want to make sure we're both happy!
    Modification of Terms:
  • These details may be modified at any time for any reason by the Author without prior notice.
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