Are YOU a "Deploreable"?

Donald Trump's campaign... "Make America Great Again" sure has attracted thousands of people from all walks of life to each of his rallies around the country. Many of these people no doubt have qualities that made and help to keep America the greatest country in the world: Motivated, responsible, hard-working, God-fearing, charitable, and patriotic being among them.

Unfortunately, half of these people are completely unaware they're part of the "Basket of Deplorables" - and may even be irredeemable!

How do we know this? Because Democrat Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has conclusively figured it out using her vast experience in social activism, investing, women's rights, the White House, foreign policy, healthcare and subway turnstiles!

So, if YOU'RE fraught with worry that YOU might be a "Deplorable", just take Hillary Clinton's "DEPLOREOMETER" for a spin and put all your worries to rest: It's quick, almost certainly unreliable, and might possibly make you "nowhere's near tired" anymore...but at least (unlike Obamacare) it's completely free!

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Original Concept: "President Barack Obama's "Excuse-O-Meter!" graphic,
by The People's Cube (, 12/12/12
Animated Wheel: A big thanks to Douglas McKechie @
Customization: The MUSEman
Hillary Images: Hillary pointing: Unknown, probably from here.
Hillary's face: Official Photo, United States State Department.

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Copyright is claimed on the custom prize wheel & header graphics created by The MUSEman. Content created by Douglas McKechie is provided as Open Source with no restrictions or warranties regarding its' use.


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