It's the Obama "Excuse-O-Meter"!

Obama's "Hope & Change" Presidency...

...has been going on for over five years. So, if you're wondering why, after over 5 years of "Hope & Change" GITMO still isn't closed, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Egypt, and Libya are engulfed in Civil "unrest", your health premiums haven't decreased by $2500/year, the price of food and gasoline have increased and are about to skyrocket, why most new jobs are low-paying and going to (illegal & legal) immigrants, and America's military servicemen and women are dying in hospitals getting funding for solar collectors and bonuses for Management, then wonder no longer:

You're not being "flimflammed" or "bamboozled" by the President, and he's not giving you the "rope-a-dope" either, because it's simply not Obama's fault!

Why? Because, like all experienced leaders, regardless of any crisis which befalls him Barack Obama knows how to delegate the one thing almost guaranteed to keep him gainfully employed and preserve his untarnished place in history: Blame. And now, there's "no excuse for Obama having no excuse"©, thanks to "President Obama's 'Excuse-O-Meter'"!

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Original Concept: "President Barack Obama's "Excuse-O-Meter!" graphic,
by The People's Cube (, 12/12/12
Animated Wheel: A big thanks to Douglas McKechie @
Customization: The MUSEman

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Copyright is claimed on the custom prize wheel & header graphics created by The MUSEman. Content created by Douglas McKechie is provided as Open Source with no restrictions or warranties regarding its' use.


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