It’s Hunter Biden’s Pencil-By-Numbers!

Hunter Biden - Joe Biden's youngest son - sure has a varied job history: Volunteer at a Jesuit church, graduate of Yale Law School, consultant and Executive Vice President at MBNA Bank after only two years, founded Rosemont Seneca Partners, an investment fund doing lucrative deals with the China, an advisor and Board Member of a major Ukranian holdings firm involved in fossil fuel energy despite having no energy industry experience...and now, apparently, a budding amateur artist.

Hunter Biden's original paintings have an asking price of $500,000 - higher than some original Picasos, and much higher than the $200,000 his dad Joe Biden charged the University of Buffalo to give a lecture.

Depite some who consider his art "amateur", saying $500,000 is far too much to ask for art which could soon be worth only a few thousand dollars at most, a number of Hunter's prints from his originals have have sold for $75,000 to anonymous buyers.

Jealous? There's no need when now you can be a "Hunter" of "Fine Art" too, and maybe even make a buck or two in the process! Introducing "The Hunter Pencil-By-Numbers" templates! Each one has been crafted using an image taken from a laptop claimed by the Biden's, Democrats and the Liberal Media during the 2020 Presidential Electionas as "fake", "unsubstantiated", and "Russian disinformation".

So, if you consider yourself a fledgling artist, and perhaps even an international businessman, former drug addict and alleged womanizer - regardless of how rich, powerful, and influential your dad is - then download a template or two, grab some coloring pencils, and spend a relaxing time discovering your "Inner Hunter". Or, just click on an image and save the completed version for immediate gratification.

1 Hunter Strikes a Pose!
2 Pause for Reflection
The international playboy makes a daring fashion statement with matching tighty whities, bold red scarf, and a pair of dark glasses to complete the look.
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After some morning recreational bedroom activity the budding entrepreneur stikes a pensive pose with an open robe while his partner sleeps on the bed.
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3 Stern Cigarette Break
4 Happy Dental Patient
It's not just smoke that's in the air...there's also an air of a determined stare. What or who could be the reason for his piercing glance?
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Wrong end of a fist fight? Chewing on rock salt candy? Forgot to brush and floss? No matter, just open wide and the Dentist will install a new set!
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5 Relaxing in a Hot Tub
6 Focused on Improving His Game
Nothing better than a long soak in hot water after getting in hot water over possibly soaking some international business partners.
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The enterprising artist hones his interpersonal skills with one hand on the keyboard and the other on his joystick in an effort to beat his personal best.
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If you like these templates or want more, why not ? Or, construct your own Pencil-By-Number template using the free online program ”PBNify” by Don Munro.


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