You hear or see it reported every day...

A person or group claiming they have been or are being oppressed by the opinions, demands, or actions of some other group. cetera, ad nauseam.

Rather than trying to tell these people about how you... cetera,

why not simply check if YOU are actually an oppressor?

It's really easy! Simply spin "THE OPPRESSIONIZER" and see if your personal values or responsible decisions make you an oppressor: It's quick, guaranteed to be totally unreliable, but completely free!

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Original Idea: Inspired by comments posted on the web.
Animated Wheel: A big thanks to Douglas McKechie @
Customization: The MUSEman

Legal Notice

Copyright is claimed on the custom prize wheel & header graphics created by The MUSEman. Content created by Douglas McKechie is provided as Open Source with no restrictions or warranties regarding its' use.


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