Presenting: The Obama Slot Machine!

The 2012 Elections are over...

...and in celebration of Barack Hussein Obama's re-selection as President of the United States, I present "Stash-"O"-Cash", an entertaining 3-reel slot machine. If you've had your work hours cut, lost your job, been forced into early retirement, or become house-bound because of rising living expenses, why not take a break and watch some "accomplishments" of Obama's first presidential term fly by as you try to match symbols on the pay line? Play long enough and you may even see the elusive "Stash-O-Cash Jackpot!" or even the equally-elusive "SUPER 'Blame Bush' MEGA-JACKPOT!". And, don't worry about getting a free payoff or keeping track of your winnings: The Government will take care of that for you!

(Oh, if you hit an elusive jackpot, be sure to let me know!)

It's New! It's Fun! It's Educational! Play...

Identical Symbols on the Pay Line
1=6 Coins | 2 = 10 Coins | 3 = 24 Coins
Bonus Multipliers
Symbols Shown on Pay Line Multiply Payout
Hope & Change!
Blame Bush!
1=2x | 2=8x | 3=40x
1=2x | 2=4x | 3=60x

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Game Notes

  • Three identical reels, 14 unique symbols on each reel, for 2,744 total combinations.
  • If you keep seeing the same combination, wait longer before stopping the reels (The game is not random, but based on how long the reels spin)
  • Chance of hitting a top jackpot is 1-in-2744, so you may not see one quickly.
  • At $1 per spin and payouts in dollars, this machine would pay out $11.26 for every $1 taken in: Even worse than Obama's budgets!


Shoutout: A big, BIG tip of the (Red Sox) cap to Doug Ross @ Journal, who
cross-posted this on his site!
Customization: The MUSEman
Reel Images: Harwen Zhang - Hand Icons
Bright Singles - Cellphone
Creative Freedom - "Shimmer" Icons: World, Microphone, Delete
General Motors - Chevy Volt
Easy Icons - Pistol
Oliver Twardowski - Hire Me, Smiley
IconDrawer - US Flag
unknown source - Skull, Money bag

Legal Notice

This work is protected by a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike License (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0), v3.0, as some of Reel Images used are for Noncommercial use only: See: for full details.

ShareAlike: A .zip file containing all files required to run the slot machines can be downloaded here.


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