Presenting: The Next Obama Slot Machine!

Obama's Got a Second Chance...

...and now, so do you! If you're watching the stock market tank, wondering when the student loan bubble will burst, or considering a personal fallout shelter, why not take a break and watch even more "accomplishments" of Obama's first presidential term fly by as you try to match symbols on the pay line? It's just like playing "Stash-O-Cash!", the first Obama slot machine, but with exciting new symbols and a secret "Bo'-nus" that takes winning beyond "Mo' betta" and makes it "BO' BETTA!". And, don't worry about Iran's nuclear weapons program while you're playing: The United States should be well outside the radius of destruction!

(Oh, if you hit a jackpot with the "Bo'-nus", be sure to let me know!)

It's not just better: It's "BO' BETTER"! Play...

Identical Symbols on the Pay Line
1=6 Coins | 2 = 10 Coins | 3 = 24 Coins
Bonus Multipliers
Symbols Shown on Pay Line Multiply Payout
Hope & Change!
Blame Bush!
1=2x | 2=8x | 3=40x
1=2x | 2=4x | 3=60x
Super "Bo'nus" = 10x Total Pay Line

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Game Notes

  • Each reel is identical, with 14 unique symbols on each reel, for 2744 total combinations.
  • If you keep seeing the same combination, wait longer before stopping the reels (The game's based on how long the reels spin, so it's not truly random)
  • The chances of seeing a top jackpot is 1-in-2744, and getting one with the "Bo'-nus" is extremely rare!
  • At $1 per spin and payouts in dollars, this machine would pay out $44,822 for each $2,744 put in: A loss even the United States Post Office would consider impressive!
  • In real life, at $1 per spin and payouts in nickels, the machine would pay $2,241.10 for every $2,744 put in, for a profit (or, "hold percentage") of 18.7%: Slightly higher than penny slot machines used in casinos.


Customization: The MUSEman
Reel Images: PHUZION Icon Pack - All Icons except as noted below
Harwen Zhang - Hand Icons
Bright! - Search the Earth
Shine, by Thvg - Downwards chart
General Motors - Chevy Volt
Easy Icons - Pistol
Oliver Twardowski - Silhouetted User
IconDrawer - Mexican Flag

Legal Notice

This work is protected by a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike License (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0), v3.0, as some of Reel Images used are for Noncommercial use only: See: for full details.

ShareAlike: A .zip file containing all files required to run the slot machines can be downloaded here.


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